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      § 1
      1. The LOVELY TUTU online store (hereinafter the "Store") is available at www.lovelytutu.pl and belongs to Piotr Piech, who runs a business under the name

      ADF Piech Piotr
      ul. Działkowa 2
      42-610 Miasteczko Śląskie
      NIP: 645-231-95-71
      Regon: 360559760

      2. The subject of the Store's activity is the retail sale of clothing (hereinafter referred to as "Clothing"), using means of distance communication.
      3. Clothinġ can also be prepared on individual customer orders.
      4. The quantity and type of Clothing offered in the Store are variable and subject to constant updating.
      5. The Store undertakes to provide Customer with Clothing without defects.
      6. The subject of the Store's activity is implemented on the territory of the European Union.
      7. The Regulations specify the conditions for concluding sales contracts, as well as the complaint procedure.
      8. Clothing presented on the Store website is an invitation to conclude a contract (in accordance with Article 71 of the Civil Code).
      9. All clothing prices listed in the Store are given in Polish zlotys, euros and British pounds and include VAT.

      § 2
      The definitions used in the Regulations should be understood as follows:
      1. Store - means an enterprise using the website www.lovelytutu.pl to enable customers to conclude distance contracts with the Seller,
      2. Customer - means a natural person with full legal capacity (hereinafter referred to as "Consumer"), as well as a legal person and an organizational unit without legal personality, to whom the Act grants legal capacity (hereinafter "Entrepreneur"), using the Store,
      3. Clothing - means movable items being all kinds of women's and men's clothes, manufactured by the Seller, including tailor made products, including accessories (e.g. handbags, jewelry) and footwear, covered by the subject of the sales contract concluded between the Customer and the Seller,
      4. Basket - an electronic basket in which the Customer has the option of storing selected Clothing until placing the Order and making the payment.
      5. Business day - one day from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

      § 3
      To use the Store, you must have software, in particular:
      1. a web browser of the MozilaFirefox 31 or newer type, Opera 23 or newer, Chrome 10 or newer, Internet Explorer 8 or newer, as well as Safari that supports the HTML5 standard and CSS3 cascading style sheets technology,
      2. minimum screen resolution 1024x768 pixels,
      3.connection to the Internet,
      4. active e-mail inbox,
      5. enabled JavaScript and cookies.
      § 4.
      By placing an Order, the Customer declares that:
      1. he has read and accepted the content of these Regulations;
      2. has read and accepted the content of the Privacy Protection Policy;
      3. consents to the processing of personal data by the Administrator on the principles set out in Chapter VIII of these Regulations and under the order form,
      § 5
      The store is available to customers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

      § 6.
      The sales contract between the Customer and the Seller is concluded upon the submission of the Order and payment.
      § 7.
      1. The Customer may place an Order by adding a product to the basket and then finalizing its content
      2. The Store accepts Orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
      3. The Order placed on non-working days will be implemented on the first business day following the day on which the Order was placed.
      4. After the Customer has placed the order, he will receive an email from the Seller confirming the acceptance of the order and information on the method of payment
      1. The Seller reserves the right to remove unpaid Orders in which Customers' personal data is incorrect or prevents contacting the Customer.
      2. An order not paid within 3 days of placing the Order is canceled by the Seller and the contract is considered void.
      3. The customer has the right to cancel the order before making the payment. In this case, the Customer should immediately contact the Seller, by phone and email.
      § 9.
      1. Current payment methods are set out in these Regulations and when placing the Order.
      2. The Store provides the following payment methods:
      a) ordinary transfer (payment to the account)
      A regular transfer should be made to the account number: ING 28 1050 1386 1000 0092 0585 0861

      b) PayPal

      1. The customer has the right to choose the method of delivery of Clothing from among

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